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The first thing you see when logging in to Afrijukebox is a screen containing all of your music collection. It initially shows a list of all your songs that are available in our database. To add music files stored on any of your computers or mobile devices, click on the Upload Mp3 icon on the right-hand side of the screen.

Play Music
You can instantly play any track that is in our database by clicking on the title of the track with a play icon before it. This will launch the Afrijukebox secure music player and it will immediately start to play your selected track. For more details about how to get the best streaming experience, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Create Playlists
You can create playlists very easily - simply click on the Add to Playlist icon located on the right-hand side of each track listing. Add more tracks by simply clicking on this icon for each chosen track. After adding the tracks you want, open the playlist editor (Quicklist) where you'll be prompted to give the new playlist a name and it will be created instantly.

Search for friends
You can search for people using the profile search box in the members' area. You can restrict your search by gender, age and location. We've got a lot more search and discovery tools coming soon that we'll let you all know about just as soon as its ready!

Watch Videos
You can watch youtube videos on afrijukebox.com. Afrijukebox filters out all the rest of the videos from youtube and leaves you with the best video content for africans, by africans. You can bookmark and share your favourite videos as well as post new ones.

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