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What is Afrijukebox?

Afrijukebox is a web application targeting hardcore music fans who want to stay up to date with their friends through music. Afrijukebox as a platform for music artists, offers tools and services that help musicians in promotion and distribution of their music.

How do I upload my music?

Three things to do before you start

1. Prepare all your audio – make sure you have all your files on your machine in a folder and in the MP3 format you want to sell them in. We would advise that you upload your MP3s in 192Kbps stereo format so make sure you have all your audio in a folder that you can easily access on your machine and in a suitably high standard format. If you need any more help with your audio, please consult the ‘links’ section of the user guide for sites providing useful tools and advice on audio preparation.

2. Prepare all your images – make sure your image files are in the standard JPEG (JPG) format, are in the right dimensions (130 pixels high by 130 pixels wide) and are not excessively large in file size (less than 100k is a good guide size). If you need any more help, please consult the ‘links’ section or the ‘preparing your images’ section of the user guide.

Uploading Music

  1. When you upload music it is stored in your Music Bin.
  2. Music in your Music Bin does not automatically appear on your site. This allows you to upload music pre-release date.
  3. Click on the Music Page in your Site Control Panel (SCP//Music/Music Page) to add your tracks to your live site. At this stage it will be available to your fans.
  4. To make music available to buy you must set a price for the track on the SCP/Music Page.

Uploading Images

  1. When you upload images the best size is 130 x 130 pixels.
  2. The format must be jpeg.
  3. Images stored in your image bin can be used on more than one page.
  4. When you put an image on the site for the left hand panel try and make it one with the Captive State name visible. Then we can use it on the homepage at some point and direct more people to your site.

How much does it cost? charges you an up front fee for the distribution of your release and then an annual fee is deducted from your royalties to allow us to provide you with storage, royalty reporting, promotional tools and more. The initial cost varies based on what type of release is being distributed but you will always receive 100% of the royalties generated from your sales.

Currently Afrijukebox costs $29.99 to release a single (2 track maximum) and just $49.99 to release an EP or album and an annual fee of $11.99 for a single and $23.98 for an EP or album.

Please note: We will only ever charge you once. You pay an up-front fee to cover your distribution and the first year's subscription all in one, after that the subscription fee for following years will be automatically deducted from your royalties. After your subscription fee has been recouped, you earn 100% of the royalties generated from any sales.

If for some reason you don't earn enough royalties to cover the subscription fee, for a particular release we simply keep whatever royalties you have earned and don't charge you again. This is reset each year.

Many distributors will charge you a full subscription fee regardless of whether a release has sold any copies, so we have created this solution as the fairest option for artists on the market.

How do I pay for my release?

The initial fee is payable with Paypal or Google Checkout or bank deposit, whichever is more convenient for you. The fee covers you for full distribution to all of the stores Afrijukebox covers, the price doesn't go up, whether you want to cover one store or all of them!

How do I get paid?

In line with our standard terms and conditions we make payments to artists on a quarterly basis. This payment system is fully automated and results in us making payments to PayPal accounts or money order.

If you do not respond to the notification of payment your money remains in your Afrijukebox account until the next quarter.

It is our responsibility to account to you within sixty (60) days of each three (3) month period ending on 31st March, 30th June, 30th September and 31st December in each year at which time payment of the amount due to you will be made if above five pounds ($10). If the sum due to you is below five pounds ($10) then the amount due to you will be carried forward to the next three (3) month period or such later period when the sum of five pounds ($10) shall have been earned.

What This Means:
Downloads sold 01 Jan to 31 Mar will be paid to artists in April
Downloads sold 01 Apr to 30 Jun will be paid to artists in July
Downloads sold 01 Jul to 30 Sep will be paid to artists in October
Downloads sold 01 Oct to 31 Dec will be paid to artists in January

Payments are only made when the total due is £5 or more.

We accept payment with all major credit and debit cards. Payments are secure as they are processed on Paypal and Google checkout secure sites and not on our website. So your card details are not exposed, neither do we retain your card details. If you wish to pay by bank transfer Please contact us for instructions.

How do I access my royalty reports?

We give you access to a secured personal area where you can upload and manage your releases yourself, make changes to your artist player and monitor your sales.

We make all the data available to you immediately once we receive the information from the stores and generate a royalty statement each month. Some stores report to us on a monthly basis (usually within 45 to 60 days after the end of the month) and other stores report on a quarterly basis. Reports not received in time from a specific store will be shown in the following month's data.

We pay royalties following each complete quarter, whenever you request a payment and once you have earned sufficient royalties to cover your annual subscription fee. Please be aware that we can only pay royalties once we have the sales data for a complete quarter. We will pay you after the amount owed exceeds $10. You can request a payment at any time from your Afrijukebox Backstage area.

What are Distribution Credits?

Distribution Credits are a secure and easy way to pay for services and products offered on Credits have a monetary value. Spend or save them as you like.

How do you get credits?

If you see a credit balance and didn't buy your own credits, then you likely received free credits directly from Afrijukebox as a gift. Otherwise, you can earn credits through special offers or buy credits using PayPal, credit cards, or your mobile

How long does it take before credits bought are added to my account?

Credits will get added to your account within 12 hours of receipt of your payment.

If I change my mind can I get a refund?

No. Distribution credits are non-transferable and non-refundable.

I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?

Use the link Forgot password? to have it emailed to you again.

What do I need to provide in order to distribute my music?

In order to upload your music to Afrijukebox and distribute it to the retailers we service, you will require:

Cover artwork - we can only accept your artwork as a .jpg file of 1440 x 1440 pixels. We offer a resizing tool if you need it.

Music - we can only accept you music in the following formats:
WAVE, 16 bit, 44100Hz, Stereo only.
Windows Media, 'lossless format' only.
MP3, 320 kbps, CBR format only.

Debit/Credit Card information or Paypal account details - for initial payment and to receive royalty payments.

Metadata information - artist name, track names, release date etc that will appear with your release on the stores.

How long does it take for my music to be available on the stores?

First you need to upload and 'validate' your release on the Afrijukebox Backstage Area, once you have validated your release, it takes us about 24 hours to check that your release is complete and all the uploaded data is compatible, at which point, we start delivering it to all the stores. Your release will be available for sale on all the stores you have chosen, on average, within 4 to 8 weeks.

The time it takes for your music to appear on each store depends on the process specific to each outlet and unfortunately we have no way of accelerating this part of the process so please make sure you have allowed enough time for your music to clear if you are planning any activity around your release. Some stores take as little as 2 weeks to ingest content, others can take much longer.

When choosing your release date, please leave enough time for all the stores to clear upload, 6 weeks should be plenty, but the more time between upload and release, the better as you can start registering pre-sales before your official release date, so if your release is ready to go now, why wait?

What do I do if I want to close my account or remove a release from any store(s)?

Simply send us a written termination notice. Upon receipt, we will instruct all the stores to take your music down and will pay you all outstanding amounts due.

A takedown fee of $29.99 will be deducted from your final payment to handle the take down (unfortunately this process remains largely manual, which is why we have to invoice you for this service).


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